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La troisième génération de la série des phablettes Samsung Galaxy Note, lancée le 25 septembre 2012. Identifiable au numéro de modèle N9005.

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No charging after get wet

My phone dropped in the water about 1 week ago. Soon I opened it and dried with cold hairdryer the mater board and all the contacts. After 3 4 hours a tried to switch on and it worked fine. After about 3 days during the night the phone switched off. I did not know why. When I tried to charge it the phone showed the dock was connected but did not charge the battery. So I bought and replaced a new dock charge inside the phone but remained the same problem. Moreover at the time no more signals that the charger is connected. What can I do now? Thank you for your reply!!! I apologise for my bad English.

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Depending on how long it was in the water and how deep the water was, water could have gone in through the charging port. Either the battery or the wiring that goes to it is probably damaged.

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Thank you very much. The phone has been in 1 cm of water for about 10 seconds and I dried it very well. Now all the charging dock is new (inside the phone connected to the mother board) but not charge. Maybe is damaged the power ic? Could I change it? How?


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