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Model PowerBook 1400 Series. Released October 1996

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PowerBook power on woes yet again!

I just replaced the PRAM battery of a touchy PowerBook 1400cs/133, and finally see the green "power" light glowing. I decided to leave it charging overnight to let it get some power, and this morning tried powering it on. The PB doesn't seem to be responding still, and I hear no noise or anything of the sort.

All connections to the mobo are connected properly (VGA, speaker, trackpad, keyboard).

Resetting the PRAM battery doesn't seem to be making much of a difference. The green "power" light keeps glowing, even when the charger is disconnected or the battery is pulled from the PB.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this power oddity? Resetting the PRAM battery via the switch in the back isn't making much of a difference. Should I declare the PB a vegetable or brain dead and send it to the junk pile, or is there a chance of bringing it back to life?

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Try resetting the PMU. Here's how to do it on your machine:

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I've tried that. It's not making a difference.

Perhaps there may be something else at hand here?


It's been a decade since I worked on one. Try pulling the battery and starting from the AC only. Check the AC adapter with a voltmeter.


Pulling the battery didn't work, either. I'll have to go dig out my voltmeter. Hopefully if it's just a bad AC adapter, then that'll make the rest of the fix easy enough... I just get another one! :)


Been a long time for me also. +


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Have you tried pulling the PRAM battery out and then starting up? This worked on my PowerBook G3 Pismo AND it worked with my PowerBook 3400. After the initial start up I can boot up without any issues, however I had to do this to both of them.

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