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Annoncé le 16 Octobre 2014, l'iPad Air 2 est le digne successeur de l'iPad Air.

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Fingerprint Sensor no longer working after screen replacement

Recently did a screen replacement on an iPad Air 2, transferred the customers TouchID button and it functions as a button.. but the Fingerprint scanner function no longer works. No damage is visible, reseated connector, options in the simply say setup failed...

Don't see any components missing or anything, just a simple single plugin for the Touch ID button.

Any clues?

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2 solutions

Just did a iPad Air 2 yesterday and didn't have any problems. I did have an issue with a iPhone 6, about 6 months ago same issue no damage, triple checked. The customer did a update that came out a month after the repair and the scanner started working again after the update. The iPad Air 2 and the iPhone 6 are the same generation. Heard other people have the same issues and a later update fixed it. I would tell the customer to see if the next update fixes the issue if not bring it back.

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I replaced a screen on an iPad Air 2 a couple of weeks ago and had this problem. I have been searching for solutions and am yet to find one that works. After seeing this answer I was hopeful, but it still doesn't work after the most recent update. Not really sure how an update would make a difference either. I am still hopeful, but am losing hope. Anyone have any luck with this yet?


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I have the same problem. I have updated and restored the ipad with no luck. The only option is to consider another LCD. I've done thousands of iphone 6, and sometimes the cable that the home button plugs into is faulty. That's a cheap and easy fix, but another Air 2 lcd is real expensive.

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