Normal Current draw from battery

Hi. I was given an iPod touch 5 logic board, and it was supposed to be working, but I am hesitant to buy parts if they may end up being wasted. I took off the shields and looked at the board and it looks good.

To test it, I hooked up 3.8v to the battery terminals, left for negative right for positive and measured the amps that were being consumed. I know this is correct because the left pad is directly connected to ground(<1ohm)

Unlike every other device that the current draw fluctuates, the iPod stayed at .3 amps all the time and didn't heat up at all. I did not hook up any screen, dock, or camera, only logicboard. Can anyone tell me if these measurements are normal or is something wrong with the ipod?


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Is it on or off when draining .3 amps?



IDK, I just hooked up the battery and it started drawing current. I didn't connect the power flex


without anything connected it will most likely draw some minimal amperage to the IC's etc. 300mA sounds about normal.


OK. thanks, I hooked up the power button and pressed it and saw it immediately draw more amps, around what is expected for an ipod/iphone


@oldturkey03 if the ipod seems to draw the correct amount of power, would it be wise to order a dock and screen to test it?


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