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Ce Power Mac G4 est muni de "Mirrored Drive Doors" qu'on pourrait traduire par "Porte de lecteur miroir".

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Thermal paste type or brand?

I have taken the heat sink, then the CPU off the motherboard.

I want to wipe the thermal paste to look at the condition of the CPU, and then replace it?

What do you clean the thermal paste off of the CPU processor with?

How much do you put on and where?

One brand/type as good as the next?

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Here's a guide on how to do it: Comment appliquer de la pâte thermique

Personally I use Arctic Silver 5. Here's info on it:

Here's a video on doing it:

Do not use the Actric Silver Thermal Adhesive, it's for other things.

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I use Arctic Silver also. +


+was going to ask this very question!


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