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Polar M400 Battery replacement


does anyone know how to change the battery of the M400 watch and where i can buy a new battery.

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Hi, I have this type of activity tracker, you have two pins at the top and the bottom of the watch, holding the rubber bands and a little arrow which shows where you have to push them to remove the pins. (Push it with a little needle or paper clip to remove)

Then you can easily deattach the two bands, and have your 4 hexalobular screws exposed. Unscrew these 4 screws to remove the backplate which reveals the easily removeable rounded watch battery that can be bought in any electronics store.

Hope I could help.

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thanks for the answer. I have dismantled the watch, but am having difficulty finding a relacement for the battey. I have a EVE 3.7V 190mAh lipo battery cell (352826). Does not seem to be something the average electronics store would stock. Can you provie advice on where you sourced a replacement. Ta.


Hi @jrejos ,

The specs that you have given for your battery, 352826, indicate that it is a 3.5mm x 28mm x 26mm dimensioned battery.

Whilst i haven't been able to find an exact replacement online I did find this battery, which while it has slightly less capacity 130mAH in lieu of your 190mAH being smaller (302323) it should fit into your watch, if you can't find anything else.



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Found this alternate battery as a possible fit :


3.7V 150mAh

3.3mm x 26mm x 27mm

I have not even opened my M400, let alone bought or tried this battery!

Does the M400 use the wired connector or does it have battery contacts?

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if I am not wrong > wired connector!


Thanks Renato.

The only viable cell source I've found is AliExpress. I buy a lot of goods from various vendors there and most transactions have worked out well.

To find possible alternatives navigate to ' Home > All Categories > Consumer Electronics > Power Source > Batteries > Digital Batteries' and then search with the results for "lithium polymer 3.7v 190mah" or other mAh.

It seems a 352828 would fit and has that (240 mAh) but they want $60 ( cell $20 + shipping $40 ). Most alternatives via AliExpress are ~ $10, though I've not found a 190 mAh cell.

Polar charges a minimum of $25, plus tax and shipping.

Here's a 352525 160 mAh cell for $10


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When you open the Polar M400 watch you will find four 000 (triple zero) size Phillips screws holding the electronics board. Removing those enables you to remove the electronics board. Doing so, you will find a separate USB connector for data exchange and charging. In my watch the USB connector stopped working and therefore the watch is dead. This happened after two years of use. I am now looking for a replacement. If someone tells me how to upload photos, I could offer photos of the opened unit.

-- AM

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I am experiencing the same issue with the USB connector and cannot find the piece to fix it on my own.

Thanks for helping,


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