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Coolpad 3300A is an affordable smartphone that is manufactured by Coolpad Group Limited. The Coolpad 3300A was released in 2015 for under $150.

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"Mini" USB port recognition


I'm hoping there are some folks here who really know about this particular model (3300a). I have a plethora of questions concerning this phone. But, first I'll just proceed with this one. According to the users manual, the charging port is also a mini USB port! If it is indeed a mini USB port, once I use a USB pendrive in that port, where is it(the pendrive) supposed to show up within the phone? It does NOT display anywhere in audio or the VLC "player" I've installed. Anyone got any ideas?



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Hi, First I know nothing about your device, but if you have a 'file manager' type app plug in your flashdrive and use the file manager app to see if it shows up there and what it is called. Ensure that your flashdrive is formatted in FAT32 not NTFS.

If it doesn't show up you may have to purchase a compatible OTG (On the Go) cable to connect the port to your pendrive.


Thankx jayeff

Appreciate your response and your suggestion is duly noted. Always good to hear from a friend from "down under"! In regards to "If it doesn't show up you may have to purchase a compatible OTG (On the Go) cable to connect the port to your pendrive." I have an adapter that the pendrive plugs into, then you plug the adapter into the "mini USB port/charging port. Isn't your "cable" and this "adapter" one-in-the-same?




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Hi Rick,

Here is a link that describes the difference better than I can.

To put it in context for your situation. The OTG cable will cause the phone to go into 'host' mode and the phone will supply power to the pendrive and you should see it appear when using the 'File Manager' app or even VLC etc. in the phone.

Whereas the adapter that you have may be just a straight forward 4 'wire' USB connector type adapter which will leave the phone in 'device' mode and it will not supply the power that the pendrive needs for it to work.

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TO: jayeff

Thank You. Your explanation and "link" was just what I needed. Wonder why they even produce/sell those adapters? OK, off to get the 'cable". STAY SHARP!!



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