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The HTC Desire is the first smartphone of the Desire series developed by HTC.

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Lcd pixles htc dead

Hi everybody,

I've changed the LCD+touch screen of my HTC desire 516. Once I connected the buses and I turned on the device, all seemed to work. So I re-assembled all the phone but when I turned on it again, a green/black spot appeared in the right corner of the screen. I'm pretty sure to have paid enough attention and to have not damaged any part. I noticed that if I press "strongly" on the screen, the screen becomes all white. I think they're not dead pixels, but I'd like to listen to your opinion. I'll attach the image of the LCD

Block Image

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LCD has been damaged from the looks of that.

Better buy screens with frame if possible next time.

Was the broken glass cleaned out the frame and any other dirt / old adhesive before replacing the screen? I'm assuming the screen was bought without the frame.

Because if any of those glass fragments and stuff are left under the part where the LCD is put in. It can damage the LCD if it puts pressure under the LCD.

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