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Released in August 2013, this phone has a 4.3" 480x480 lcd display, a 2460mAh battery as well as a 0.3MP front facing camera and an 8MP rear camera.

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Touchscreen not responding most of the time after replacement

Hi all, recently I replaced LCD and digitizer by myself because they were cracked. After replacement LCD works just fine but there is problem with digitizer. After I turned the phone on it was not working so I restarted it several times, even disconnected digitizer from the motherboard and connected again, made soft resetes - nothing works. What is even more ridiculous I noticed that after restarting phone several times touchscreen starts working but after next restart or turn off it stops responding and the process repeats until next miracle happens.

Does anybody have same issue or know solution?

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colonder, I believe this may similar problem another poster had in the past, I will post a link by oldturkey that may help. Good luck.

replacement screen is unresponsive

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No, I'm sorry, this is nowhere near my problem because my touch screen has power (back, home and recents buttons are highlighted) while in the link provided touch screen doesn't work at all. My on the other hand responds after several restarts


colonder, sorry my response did not help, I did a search for intermittent touch screen prior to my answer and came up with nothing. Your question is still posted and hopefully some else will have the answer for your question. Good luck.


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