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The Signet series was Kodak's top American-made 35mm camera line in the 1950's. It is one of only two Signet models that contains a range finder, and the only one not made mostly of plastic.

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Why does my image look blurry when looking through the viewfinder?

Every time I look through the viewfinder on my camera the view looks blurry and out of focus. I try to adjust the view, but it does not help.

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Make sure that the camera’s viewfinder is clean. If that does not help, then the beamsplitter within the camera could be cracked or possibly dirty. Use the information under the Beamsplitter Hazy heading in the following guide: Kodak Signet 35 Troubleshooting.

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Try to remove the top camera and check if viewfinder ,beamsplitter ,mirror rangefinder and rangefinder glass is clean , and if not try to clean with clean solution for lens.Is possible that coating of beamsplitter is gone out , and then it must be replaced.

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