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The Creative ZEN is a small MP3 player about the size of a credit card. It was announced in August of 2007. It is flash based, with a 320x240 screen. It can play MP3, WAV, WMA and AAC (DRM-free) files.

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Is it possible to replace a broken backlight

My crative zen mosaic mp3 fell off a shelf and since then the backlight wont work. Is it possible to fix or replace it? If so how would i go about doing it?

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Usually the backlighting in small LCD screens is provided by small LEDs which are in the LCD module itself.

There may be a lot of reasons why the backlighting is not working.

1. The connecting cable between the LCD module and the systemboard has come loose.

2. The power to the backlighting is not present due to some type of component failure caused by the fall.

3. The backlighting circuit in the LCD module has been broken.

In any event the player will have to be opened and examined.

Here is a link to the Ifixit guide on how to dis-assemble a Creative Zen player. Disassembling Creative ZEN Screen and Battery

If there is a obvious problem then it may be able to be repaired. If however there is nothing obvious then without a circuit diagram it will be difficult to ascertain what the problem is. If for instance, you manage to prove that the problem is in the LCD module itself then getting a suitable replacement part then becomes the problem. An initial search online did not produce any results. You may be lucky and get a Zen Mosaic "faulty good for parts' listing on places like Ebay (there are none at the moment), where it says that the screen still works and that it is cheap enough to justify buying it.

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