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The Shark Rotator NV502 vacuum was made in 2013, weighs 15.5 pounds, and includes a lift away handle. The vacuum can be used on both carpet and hardwood floors.

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Where can I find replacement parts?

My dog chewed through my hose and I need to replace it. Where can I get a new one?

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Replacement parts can be found at or by calling 1-800-798-7398. Or other websites such as The steps to replace the suction hose can be found in the suction hose replacement guide.

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Where in the !&&* sells parts for this thing I need the little red thing it broke


The little red thing and they sound on eBay because some guy got tired of people trying to find one and started making them. I found a post online somewhere or some lady had fixed it with zip ties so I tried it I took two zip ties put the little thing together you know what I'm talking about put a zip tie around it pulled it as tight as I could put the second one around and got it as tight as I could then I used pliers to get them even tighter. Works perfectly. Just make sure you clean all the gunk out of the intake before you do this. I hate those little red things I guess if I need to take it apart and clean it I can just cut these zip ties off and put new ones on a little bit easier than pressing that dogon little button maybe.

I think I answered what you're looking for and have fun with it.


Please pardon my grammar in that post I'm using speech to text and I'm tired and without glasses at the moment.


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Our attachment holding the suction hose broke off a little red piece of plastic in a spring I don't know what to do

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try starting your own question, this one is from 2016.


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