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First Generation Electric Motorized Longboard released by Boosted, June 2014.

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Clicking sound coming from the wheels when they spin?

While riding my board, or just spinning the wheels, I can hear a clicking sound coming from from my rear wheels.

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Take off your belts. Grab a screwdriver. Remove pebbles and debris, gently, from the black plastic ridges. I had this problem, and found that pebbles were hitting the plastic cover on rotation.


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It is most likely the pulley bearings or the skateboard bearings that are making the sound. First, try cleaning the bearings. If the sounds continues, you'll need to replace the bearings. Refer to the troubleshooting page for more help, or check out one of the repair guides.

Boosted Board 1st Generation Troubleshooting

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Sorry I did not see that this was a student question.


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It can be the bearings, the cores or the spacers, See the discussion here:

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