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Repair guides and support for BLU Advance 5.0, a budget-friendly smartphone released December 2015 from BLU.

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Internal memory is sooooooo small and used up

Can I get apps to load onto memory card? Internal memory is full, even had to delete a couple of apps to get needed apps.

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Go to Settings > Apps > show all.

(not quite certain about you phone but it should be in the Settings > Apps Management settings somewhere)

Scroll down to select your 'downloaded' apps. Tap to enter and see if the 'Move to SD card option is available.

If it is tap it and follow the prompts.

Do this on all your downloaded apps ONLY. Do not try it on 'system' apps.

Be aware that you may not be able to move some apps (especially those that came with the phone) because the developer of the app did not set the 'permission' to do so when the app was created.

By default all downloaded apps install to the internal memory. You will have to download them and install them first and then see if you can move them.

If you are running Marshmallow OS then you can incorporate the SD Card as part of the internal memory, creating one big internal memory (depending on the card size and what size the phone supports) but then you will not be able to remove the SD Card and read it out of the phone. It is essentially tied to the phone.

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