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A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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Handsfree microphone not working

When I make a phone call on handsfree, the other side don't hear anything. What can be the problem and is this fixable?

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If you are asking about the earphones with the microphone attachment, first try using the earphones/microphone in another android phone and see if you can be heard.

If not, then you have either a faulty microphone, cable or plug.

If you can be heard then most probably the earphone socket in the phone is faulty. To verify this, access another earphones/microphone accessory, if you can, and see if it works. If it also doesn't work then the problem is definitely with the phone.

Here is a link to the Ifixit guide to repair the motherboard in your phone. it is handy because it shows how to open your phone so that you will be able to access the earphone socket.

LG G2 Motherboard Replacement

You are fortunate that the earphone socket is part of a plug in module in the phone so that once you have gained access it should be relatively easy to replace.

here is a link to just one supplier of the part. It is only shown to give you an idea of what the part looks like and how much it should cost. If this doesn't suit you search for others online. Ensure that you get the correct part for your particular model number. Scroll down the page to see the part(s)

Hopefully this is of some help.

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