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La télécommande Wii est la manette originale et principale de la console de jeu Nintendo Wii, sortie le 19 novembre 2006. Le numéro de modèle de la télécommande Wii originale est RVL- 003.

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Can't get Wii Remote to turn on, even with new batteries

My Nintendo Wii Remote will not turn on even with new batteries. It blinks but turns right back off.

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If your Nintendo Wii Remote will not turn on, use this Nintendo Wii Remote Won’t Turn On problem page for possible causes and solutions.

My best suggestion would be to open the controller up and inspect for any corrosion or water damage. From the sounds of it, this is probably the case. If the inspection doesn't come up with any leads then the only other suggestion I could make is replacing it with a used one off eBay. They're very cheap now and it's the most economical move to save time and/or money.

Good luck.

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I've had my Wii remotes since the Wii first came out and have had this problem with all of my remotes, its usually because the battery contacts have worn out over time. The best fix is to spray some contact cleaner on the battery contacts, rubbing alcohol also works, if its visibly corroded you can use some sandpaper and just scrape it a little bit.

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