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Guides pour la version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Mini 2. Annoncé le 22 octobre et lancé le 12 novembre 2013. L'iPad mini 2, également connu sous le nom de mini iPad avec écran Retina, a tous les pixels de l'iPad Air dans un plus petit 7.9 " format.

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Microphone not recording audio


I have an iPad mini 2 which I bought in need of a new LCD and digitiser. It was for a customer who promptly came back the next day and said that there was no sound on her video recordings. After trying various fixes and workarounds, i discovered that the audio jack output is not working either. It does play sound from the built in speakers though so that is why I missed it the first time.

I reluctantly removed the touch screen and display and I have fitted a new microphone but the problem remains.

I have tried an external microphone via a lightning port to aux/headphone adapter and it still doesn't work.

I have lost count of the hours and cash aI have invested in this thing and it is a frustrating and infuriating mystery. I repair these things and other hand held devices for a living but this has got me beat so far.....

This must have happened to other people and there must be a definitive solution.

I hope so.....

Thanks in advance


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At a guess I would say the codec chip has at least half busted and is unable to encode audio, I'd look at replacing the Apple 338S1213 Cirrus Audio Codec found in step 16 here Vue éclatée de l'iPad Mini 2

Good luck


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Whenever I repair an iPad (or any device) I always check the microphones, speakers and headphone jack by recording a video with both the front and back camera. I play it back and listen via headphones and speakers. If it's a phone, I make a test call if possible (SIM card). Some devices have three microphones.

In your case, it's not clear from your question if the problem is lack of recording or lack of playback (or both). Perhaps you can clarify by commenting on this answer.

If you can record audio but it wont play back on the headphone jack, inspect the headphone jack for debris or jammed contact pins inside.

If you can't record audio but the speakers and headphones work, then normally a new microsphone flex would solve it. That said, small parts are notoriously hit or miss. Did you buy it fro a reputable vendor (like iFixit) or via eBay or Amazon?

Otherwise, go bak and check all your steps. Inspect the flexes for tears or damage. You may have a logic board problem, as Hortman says.

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