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Repair guides and support for external portable storage by Western Digital including the My Book series, My Passport and others.

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hard disk not reading, but light is there.

my hard drive western digital 2 tb is not showing in pc,i use a MacBook,but light is there and drive sound is there??

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Can you give us the exact model of your Mac system and is this an internal drive or external drive?

To find out what your system is go to here: EveryMac - Lookup plug in your systems serial number and then paste the system URL here for us to see.


its MacBook pro 2011 model,external hard disk western digital passport 2tb


Do you mean hard disk is OK in Mac? Does it show files? Check what filesystem it is? if you had formatted it in aMac it would be HFS which cant be easily read in PC. Best is format it to FAT or EXFAT in a mac so that you can use it everywhere. BTW, can you also check the HDD in a different USB port (if your mac has more than one). The small HDDs need _reasonable_ current to run.


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I assume your Mac is working its just not able to access the external WD drive.

OK open Disk Utility which is in your Utility folder in the Apps Folder. See if you can see the drive that way. If you can that would imply the drive needs repair.

If not you could have a bad connection to the drive (likely USB) see if you can access a USB thumb drive or other device via the USB ports of your system if you can then the cable to the drive or the drive its self is in trouble. If your system is not able to see other USB devices then you have a bad USB port. Try another.

If that too fails you will need to get a Powered Hub. Connect your HD to the hub (which has its own power supply & AC connection) then connect your Mac to the hub are you able to see the drive now? You may want to try another USB device off of the hub to verify things.

If this works then the fuse link within your systems USB port/s are blown. If you can access another device just not the HD then I think your drive is in big trouble.

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usb port working fine, external hard disk not showing in the mac as well as in disk utility also, but light is blinking, and drive sound is it related to software corruption?


There is a SATA to USB conversion logic within the drive case. Depending on the series it could be on an independent card so you can disconnect the drive and then use a different SATA to USB adapter like this one: Universal Drive Adapter so you can salvage your data off of the drive. If that doesn't work the logic within the drive is damaged.

In any case the issue is within the external drive nothing you can do with your Mac to recover things.

Click on the drive Icon on the Top Right here to get to all of the different Western Digital drives to find yours.


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check the cable, mine was defective, i got another one

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