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Une enceinte Bluetooth portable fabriquée par Ultimate Ears.

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Dead MegaBoom speaker unit

My Mega Boom originally wasn't charging or turning on, did the reset and it allowed it to charge and turn on but now the Bluetooth button is rapidly flashing and won't connect whatsoever to anything.

I did the firmware update and that fixed absolutely nothing. Now the speaker is useless and it's really frustrating as I just bought it a month ago.

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Logictec is pretty awesome with this. it has a two year warranty, just call them up (it takes a bit to navigate the menu) and they will send you out a new one. I had the same problem a week ago and I'm listening to prince right now on my brand new speaker.


How do i reset my speaker


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I would recommend you return it to get a replacement as clearly the unit is defective.

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I'd try to pair it with another bluetooth device (to narrow error causes).

Otherwise call UE Customer Service Mon-Fri: 6am - 6pm (PST): +1 646-454-3200 (be sure to have your Serial Number, Part Number and Model Number ready).

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