Display screen dark with vertical lines

Recently started to experience this problem with my MBP.

When I power on the laptop, the screen turns black and then a horizontal line appears and then some vertical ones.

I hear the loading sound, after that lots of vertical lines appear.

I used the DVI cable to connect to external TV display, all i get is wallpaper pic and nothing else

I press on the back of the screen I can see my desktop wall paper, icons etc and then screen starts to fade into a weird purple color.

Any Ideas as to whats going on here?

It is out of warranty.

I have tried the: Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM. but this has not worked also.

A friend also has the same macbook pro and she said, same thing happened to hers and whilst it was still under warranty, and the replaced the logic board on it?

where do i stand with my problem?..HELP!!!! is it a logic board or the graphics card?

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