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The ZTE Lever is a black 4G LTE smart phone sold in Wal-Mart stores with no contract and unlimited data. It comes with a front and rear facing 8MP camera. It was released on December 31st of 2014.

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Camera problems on my zte lever

I go to use my camera an when I click the app it shows a picture of me looking at myself. But it does not give me the option to switch the camera.

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Hi @lorado ,

Is your phone a ZTE Lever?

Just verifying that the switch camera option is missing.

See image

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing).

Update (03/01/2017)


As you are using the stock camera app, try resetting the phone to see if this restores the camera app's full function. As the app is part of the OS this is the only way to uninstall/install the app.

You could try clearing the app's cache and data first to see if it is corrupted in some way preventing the menu option from appearing.

Before you do any of the following backup the phone using the phone's backup feature found in Settings > Backup and Reset

Not quite sure re your phone but go to Home > Settings > Apps (or Apps Management) swipe across screen until All appears at top of screen then scroll down to find the Camera app. Tap to enter then tap Clear Cache and follow the prompts. Restart the phone and then try the camera app. If still no good do the same as before but select the Clear Data option and try the app again.

Be aware that the Clear Data option will reset all the camera settings that you have made back to default.

If it still doesn't work try a factory restore (also known as a hard reset or factory reset).

Before doing this ensure that the battery is fully charged. Do not leave the charger connected when doing the reset.

Be aware that a reset will restore the phone to its' factory default condition (or the last successfully OS updated condition). It will erase all your data and downloaded apps. That is why it is important to do a Backup first.

Go to Settings > Backup and Reset and find the Factory Reset (or Restore) option and follow the prompts.

Be patient it takes a little while to perform the reset.

Once the reset has been completed start the camera app and check if the option is available.

If it still isn't perhaps there is a hardware fault with the phone. How long have you had the phone? If less than 12 months from new, as there is a 12 month manufacturer's warranty on the phone, verify the purchase date as shown on the sales receipt or proof of purchase document and if the warranty period is still valid consult the warranty statement in the documentation that came with the phone as to what to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement. If you do decide on this option, then leave the phone in the factory reset condition, as that way all your data will have been removed from the phone when you hand it back in either for a repair or replacement, ensuring your privacy.

If the option is now available prove that it works OK. If it does perhaps the reset resolved the problem or maybe a downloaded app caused the problem.

Restore the phone from the backup you made earlier, using the phone's restore feature (Settings >Backup and reset >restore). Once it has been restored check the camera app.

If it is still OK then the reset has fixed the problem,

If it is now faulty again, then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one. You have to uninstall each downloaded app one by one and check the camera app between each uninstall to see if it then is OK. When it is OK the last uninstalled downloaded app was causing the problem

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Yes it is. This option does not show on my phone


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