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The Nikon D5500 is a mid-tier consumer DSLR announced by Nikon on January 5, 2015

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How replace a broken screen glass of my Nikon D5500?

Hello everyone

My Nikon D5500 fell to the floor and broke the screen glass, but the LCD display is OK. How can replace it?

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i know this is a repair guide for an earlier camera in the same family but the camera bodies a very similar and come a part in pretty much the same way...

Nikon D5200 Screen Replacement

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The D5500 and D5600 follow a similar procedure. Remove the 4 black screws from the corners of the screen to access the back of the screen. Unsolder the 4 black, blue, yellow and red wires and remove 3 ribbon connectors. Remove the 2 silver screws in the hinge to release the screen assembly. The LCD is held in by doubled sided tape on the outer perimeter of the glass. To remove the screen hold the thin black bezel and push the back of the screen firmly. The yellow circuit board the ribbon connectors plug in to on the back of the screen does not come with most replacement screens. Gently pry the plate off exposing the mirrored backing of the LCD and swap it on to the new screen.


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Replacement screens cost $10-20 and come with the glass.

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