Sensor for the AmazonBasics 8-sheet Strip-Cut Shredder.

I read the excellent description of how to remove the sensor as described for the AmazonBasics B0050BPWBQ. My question is where do I obtain a new sensor?

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Is there a part number printed on the sensor board at all?

If so, you could try 'Googling" just the number to see if you get results.


Amazon covers the shredder for 1 year. If its still under warranty, just contact them to replace the shredder.


Unfortunately the shredder is several months past the one year date. Interestingly enough it was a warranty replacement for the same model that had failed with a similar problem. I suppose I should have bought the extended warranty.


In that case, you may want to hunt around on ebay for parts. However, if the shredder is only a strip cut, not a cross cut, I would recommend upgrading to a crosscut as its more secure. During the Iran contra hostage situation, the hostage takers were able to piece together shredded documents because the government used a strip cut shredder.


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