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Released on April 2014, this 16 GB Oppo Find 7a is the cheaper version of the Oppo Find 7. To distinguish the Find 7a from the 7, remove the back panel as well as the battery. There should be two serial number stickers that say X9000 where the battery lies flush to the phone.

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Replacing Find 7a LCD with Find 7 Motherboard?

Hi, I have a Find 7 and Find 7a. Unfortunately, I dropped my Find 7 and shattered its LCD. The LCD is basically dead and it displays nothing. A replacement at the service center is quite expensive.

But, I also have a working Find 7a as well. So can I replace the 7a's LCD with the Find 7's motherboard? I know the screen resolution does not match, so I am hesitant.

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Hi @shuming ,

Here is a link for a Find 7 LCD screen.

The price which includes shipping seems reasonable.

This way at least you will have 2 working units again.

I too have doubts that a 7a screen will work with a 7 motherboard due to the different resolutions/pixel number

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