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A candybar slider phone produced by Sony Ericsson with Walkman collaboration, released in 2009.

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2G coverage is disappearing

Dear Support,

we have Sony Ericsson W995. when we make a call the 2G coverage is going off while if we force the phone to 3G it will work normally.

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Hi @ikhalil ,

Check your mobile phone service provider's coverage map to see where 2G is located. (go to their website to find it).

A lot of providers are disconnecting 2G to use the frequency for 4G. Depending on your country of course.

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Hi @jayeff

it is not a service provider problem. it is a phone problem. Am GSM engineer and this phone is used for test and it is the only phone that cause such problems for this problem am sure it is phone problem


Hi @ikhalil ,

Did you try changing the SIM card, just to eliminate it as a possibility?


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