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Device and repair information for the 60" LED HD TV by Samsung released in 2013, model number UN60FH6003FXZA.

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Does not change channels with the remote

When I enter a channel change, the tv does not indicate any numbers on the screen. To change channels, i need to go t o the guide and select the new channel.

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My remote will not change channels but will work on volume and turn tv off.


Hi @ David Leatherwood,

Did you test all the remote's buttons with a digital camera as outlined in the answer below, to see which worked and which didn't?

What was the result?

If all the buttons work on the camera test, the IR receiver in your TV may be faulty.

What is the make and model number of your TV?


Hi my remote will mute an turn to on an off but won't work volume or turn channels what do I eo


Hi @jfox1980 ,

Did you test the remote using the procedure outlined in the "Chosen Solution" below?


My remote got stuck in an empty water can what can I do?


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Are you using the numbers on the remote to select the desired channel or the channel scroll button i.e. channel up channel down?

Do the other 'popular' buttons (most used) on the remote such as Power On/Off, Volume Up/Down, Mute etc. work OK?

If it is only the Channel Up/Down button that is not working, you can use either a digital camera or the camera app in a mobile phone to test it.

Point the remote at the camera (or phone) and then look at it through the display screen of the camera (or mobile phone). Press a button on the remote and you should see a flashing light at the end of the remote. Try a few buttons to see which ones work and which ones don't.

Because the Channel Up/Down is one of the 'popular' (most used) buttons on a remote the button's contacts either get dirty or lose their conductivity.

Here is a link to a video, which shows the principle of how to clean the contacts in a remote control unit. It is not your particular unit that is shown so the method of opening may be slightly different. Once open the cleaning is the same.

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I’ve tried two different remotes and neither work, is it the tv that’s bad?


Hi @hazie1 ,

What doesn't work with the remote?

Only certain functions or nothing works when using the remote?

If nothing works have you checked that the TV's IR receiver "window" (usually found on the bezel below the screen, is not blocked by anything, preventing reception of the signal?

If it is not blocked it may be the TV's IR receiver is faulty


The lights flash on two different remotes when in camera. The volume works, on off, and source, home....everything works with the remote EXcept channel up and down. It’s driving me nuts!!! How do I get the channels to work? If it is the tv what do I do now? Too late to return the tv! Got it only a month ago. Have the receipt no box


Help! And thanks!


Finally got it to work, but only if I stand right in front of tv. Channels won’t change unless I’m directly standing in front of tv. The volume and everything else works fine from pretty much every distance. No one at Samsung can help me. Ridiculous.


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Hi @mindyj

Some thing to check and some info.

Check the firmware version of the TV

It sometimes can happen that a TV is not at the latest firmware (software) version as it may have been in the warehouse before the update was released.

Perhaps updating the firmware may fix it if it is not a hardware problem

If the TV doesn’t have the latest firmware installed then at least if you install it and it still doesn’t work properly or if it is already at the latest version then it most definitely will have to be repaired under warranty.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer’s warranty provisions. All you need is the receipt for proof of purchase, which you have.

To view the firmware version in the TV ‘s menu, go to Settings > Support Software > Update > Try now.

The latest firmware version is 1335.0 as of 26.11.2019

If your TV is not this version here’s a link to the download. It is a rather large download but maybe it will resolve your problem IF the TV is not at this version.

Here’s a link to the user manual, go to p.108 to view the options how to update the TV.

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Ok will try this tomorrow. Would the remotes only work up close for channel changing tho? That is what’s happening. All other remote functions work at any distance.

Thanks so

much for the response.


Hi @mindyj ,

The remotes should operate at the same distance regardless of what function is chosen.

It is only a coded IR signal that is sent from the remote to the TV.

If the CH Up/Down button is the only button in the remote that is having a problem at a distance I could understand it not working in one remote but not the same problem in two remotes, unless there is a general problem with all the remotes.

Try going back to the store and ask to view the operation of a demo TV and check if the remote works there OK at a distance wjen using Ch up/down

Really stupid thought but have you got any lights (especially fluorescent or CFL) near the TV at all? Sometimes these types of lights, when on, can interfere with the IR signals sent from a remote to a TV.

Its' looking like the TV either doesn't receive the signal for whatever reason (does the TV power on light blink when you press a button on the remote and if so does it so this when you press the CH up/down?) or since the other buttons work it cannot interpret what is being sent unless the remote is closer (stronger signal perhaps -I don't know)


Tv has current version software 1335. No bright lights or fluorescent lights to interfere. All features on remote work from my couch. Only channel up down doesn’t work. The channel button does work but only if I am standing directly in front of tv.

Thank for your help. I guess I Will have to look into warranty !


Having the same problem with Samsung UN65RU7100FXZA. Up close the remote changes the channel, at a distance it will not. I did discover that if someone stands up close to the TV the remote will change channels from a distance as it should. I assume that there is some interference and the person is blocking that signal (this TV is at my parents so I haven't had a lot of time to experiment). Samsung is sending a technician out to look into problem.


That’s better than i got! No interference here, will only change channels standing close to tv. Samsung told me it’s

My cable box, cable company says no Samsung is wrong. So I’m stuck using two remotes one to change channels on cable box, and my Samsung “universal” for volume and power.


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Samsung Q60R channel changer stopped working after 1 day, volume, home button, etc all worked fine. Tried many different trouble shootings, nothing. Finally went to Samsung/settings/ and reset the tv to factory settings. Then re-did the setup procedure as if the tv were being installed for the very first time. Eventually got to the part of the setup where Samsung asks you about your cable provider. Then Samsung asks you to use the channel toggle on the remote to see if the channel is actually changing. Mine wasn’t, so I think I went to manual setup mode. Samsung asks you to enter the model # of the cable box your cable provider is using. I entered the model # (it’s on the back of the cable box), and then the channel was changing, that’s good. (I have cablevision, coaxial cable from the wall to the cable box, HDMI cable from the cable box to the Samsung). Completed the setup, everything working again. Maybe the communication from the cable box/remote/Samsung got disrupted somehow, I don’t know, but doing a re-setup worked for me.

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I did reset but did same thing, worked briefly then stopped working. Thanks tho!


I have the exact same problem. Samsung support could not resolve. Optimum was useless. Mine worked fine for about a month before I could not change channels ( everything else works fine).


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I, had to reprogram directly to the cable box, make and model. That solved the problem for the channel up and down.

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How would I do this ? Thanks!


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Finally….I Re-did all the steps for the set up from Re start and this time got a message stating my cable box may not be set up to receive IR signals! After getting the run around someone at the cable company admitted I needed an updated box! They hate to give them out apparently but I finally

got one and all works! One remote for everything! Thank you for all who responded and helped walk me through this!

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My phone is stuck on ch. 18

It will not move m


My tv is stuck on channel 205. I won't change with the up and down button. I have dish tv. I'm wondering if it is their fault?


I had same issue the channel button won’t change apparently the set top box was turned it needs to be facing in the front now it’s working


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