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2.26 or 2.4 GHz / White plastic unibody enclosure

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MacBook Won't Power On After Installing New Logic Board

I was using my mac for class and I left it on when I went to bed. Next day it was off and I thought it had just went to sleep so I tried waking it up with no luck, even pressed the power button. I plugged in the charging cable but the battery wasn't dead. I ordered and replaced the logic board because when I felt the large chip by the MagSafe port it was warped. After swapping out logic boards and letting it charge ( it had been sitting for two weeks ) I tried powering it on again with no luck again. Anyone have any idea what it could be?

The only changes I've made besides the logic board yesterday was a new ssd in march 2017 and 4G of memory in nov or dec 2016. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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How did you know about that concave chip by the mag-safe port? What was the source of the new board? Do you get anything when trying to power on? Lights, sounds, whirling? Any sign of life? Battery test button? What do get on the mag-safe light?


It looked strange and I just happen to feel it and it was warped. No lights or sounds or anything else. MagSafe lights up amber when charging and green when complete. Not sure what you mean by battery test button tho..


Oh and I got the new board from ifixit.


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The dc in board. A logic board was probably an unneeded waste of money. Remplacement de la carte de raccordement MagSafe du Macbook Unibody modèle A1342 thats the guide to replace it and thats what probably needs replacing. Also try swapping out the charger with a friends or another one to see if it makes a difference

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Ok I just ordered a new MagSafe board but that warped chip on the logic board is still a concern for me. I'll test the new mag on the old logic to see if it's still functional and return the logic board I purchased if it is. Thank you!


I actually had to replace the logic board and the MagSafe board. Basically did old logic + old mag = no go, old logic + new mag = no go, new logic + old mag = no go, new logic + new mag = good


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