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The Apple TV is a digital media receiver designed by Apple and released on March 21, 2007

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Why have they all started jumping?

I have 3 Apple TV 1st generations and they have all developed exactly the same fault at the same time. Coincidence? They no longer play saved content (films) without constant pausing and. Jumping. Has anyone else experienced this issue and - if so - what's the fix? I have tried a factory restore on one, but no ch age.

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Are you connecting to the same TV? Are these devices hacked (like Kodi or jailbroken)?


Hi, they are attached to different TVs (the same ones that they have each been attached to for ages) and have not been hacked.


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Check your local connection (Ethernet or WiFi) internet connection if you are streaming as that maybe the real issue.

If you live in a dense area its likely someone is stepping on your WiFi band if you are using WiFi to connect the Apple TV to your Internet Router. If you are using wired Ethernet connection then it could be an ISP issue.

If you have a Mac give this app a try: WiFi Explorer it will allow you to see the bands that you and the others around you are using.

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Thanks,but would that affect the playing of movies saved onto the Apple TV 1st generations own hard drive?


No, But to be sure I would disconnect the network connection (Ethernet or WiFi) as their maybe some other process running in background which is having an issue.


I also need help for this

Same as what @ispl said

"playing videos on the apple tv hard drive"

Please help


@beanman56 - The drive maybe failing or highly fragmented so the movie is to badly scattered across the platters.


Ok thanks for the help,

Also @danj do know what format it takes for external drives?


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