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Released 2015 Model Number: POLSP01W

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"Your door latch is not fully closed, please lock into place."

Hello, I got a problem with my camera, it keeps showing this error upon trying to print anything : Your door latch is not fully closed, please lock into place.

I tried looking under the door, to see if there is some sensor or some button that is pressed by the latch to tell the camera if the latch is closed or not, but no luck tho, still same thing, I want to get it back to the shop but I'm trying to find some way to fix it myself.

The camera has not been used much, I have it since February and I think I printed not more than 10 Photos.

Thank you!

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is anyone having this trouble for the snap touch? Polaroid has been less than helpful.


I have the same problem


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cancel313, See 1st link below partial disassembly guide to get you access to check out the door mechanism internally to see if dust/debri/possible spring or latch out of position. 2nd link is to more disassembly guide/trouble shooting,etc.. You may also want to check that the cameras firmware is up to date 3rd link, 4th link is the manual for camera. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Remplacement de la porte d'alimentation en papier du Polaroid SNAP

Polaroid SNAP Repair

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I had the same problem, with a snap touch, I don't know if it works the same, but I found a solution in my case. No idea of the version.

There is a teeth on the side of the screen, it pushes another part when closed.

Block Image

You have to remove the panel. One screw in my case, remove it and slide the panel.

Block Image

There is a snake shape plastic part, you can push it while starting the polaroid, if it works just add a bit of glue on top of this part.

Block Image

If it does not work, my solution is to install a bypass on the electronic board.

For that you have to remove the front panel, check the tutorial to change the battery for that, in the LPaff's message. Once it's done, remove the battery, you should have an electronic board like the picture below, remove the two screws.

Block Image

Flip the board over the printer, there is another board below the first one, remove the 3 screws.

Block Image

You have to flip the board, but be gentle. There is a cable, from the printer side on the hidden side of the board (blue circle in the picture below), you have to remove it, I used tweezers to do so. Once you flip it, in the red circle you have a square part with two metal sheets in it. I soldered a small copper wire between the two. There should be a component in the yellow circle, but it's missing in my case and it works so...

Block Image

Once it's done, reassemble, don't forget the wire mention above.

There are clearly cleaner solution than bypassing the system, but it worked for me.

Hopefully, it will help someone.

Good luck.

Sorry for bad English

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