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The Xperia Z1 Compact is Sony's premium camera phone. It is similar to the Xperia Z1 model except smaller and less expensive. Its key feature is a 20.7 megapixel sensor. Upon release the available colors were white, black, pink, and lime. This device can be identified using the model number (D5503)

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Why is the phone screen Blank! HELP

Hi so i dropped my phone in the water and immediately dried it after that and and put it in rice now after some time my screen has gone black i cant see anything . But when i point a flash light at the screen i am able to see but hardly. Some people are saying that it is a back light damage now if i have to fix the back light would i replace the whole screen or just some thing within the phone and every thing else is working perfectly fine i do receive calls by sliding on the screen.

***Hope i will get the answer***

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Nobody can tell if it's either the backlight circuit gone bad on the logic board from liquid damage or the screen gone bad unless the device is physically in their hands and they have tried a replacement screen.

My advice is to take it to a mobile phone repair shop and get them to try a replacement screen and see if it works from there.

If not, then time for a replacement phone (unless you find someone that fixes no backlight on it).

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