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Sorti le 19 septembre 2014, cet iPhone avec un écran de 4,7 pouces est une version plus petite de l'iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiables par les numéros de modèle A1549, A1586, et A1589.

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fixing water damaged iPhone 6

I water damaged my phone about a year ago and it would not turn on. I then went and got it fixed at a shop (they used that cleaner stuff) and the phone seemed to work. After a few months my phone wouldn't turn on again. So I got the battery replaced and it worked again. It then, after just a month this time, wouldn't turn on again. The repair shop said the motherboard (I believe they mean the logic board) is probably damaged from the previous water damage and causing the battery's to break. Does anyone agree with this? and how would the best way of repairing my iphone? I am keen to fix it myself for recreational purposes.

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I actually have a phone with a very similar problem now. The iPhone I have has a new battery but it drains so quickly. After doing some research it may have something to do with the U2 IC. Unfortunately it isn't an easy repair so you will probably have to have a professional do it.

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That's correct, GotMac. If you're going to help out here, please make an @ name in your profile settings. It's how we communicate. Like this @refectio YOURE FREAKING AWESOME! Now he's gonna see that in his notifications and check this comment. Water damage isn't easy. I've spent over $1k on my water damage station, including all the hazmat chemicals. Totally worth it. Making a profit off it now. You guys are right. That's not a magic fix. Likely the customer added enough electricity to fry a component on the board, and you'll have to do some smd rework. That's a whole other ball game. Also you'll probably want to up your cost in water damage repairs and throw in a "free" battery, as ten times out of ten that will fail with liquid

par I'm not!

Otherwise, great comment :>).

For the OP ... @theimedic and @techwarrior are correct. Water damage repair is not usually easy. After equipping yourself correctly (see my "answer" Best way of dealing with water damage to a similar question), you still have to invest a few hours and probably 0.01$ to -30$ in components before you realize wether the phone is fixable or not. When you charge on a no fix/no fee basis, those hurt a lot.

With time you learn to recognize patterns and focus on devices that have the highest likelihood of success. Sometimes you get an easy one (i.e. C5202) other times you replace the PMIC, Tristar, Tigris and whatnot and still no success.

If you want to do this to learn, that's great but you will need to understand how to read schematics, find boardviews, have decent if not good tools and good troubleshooting flair. Feel free to post follow up (or new) questions as you go through your troubleshooting and we'll help where we can.


@refectio YES YOU ARE!


@theimedic Maybe I don't want to be communicated with. ; ) hashtag forumhermit


That should be your new username...@forumhermit.


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water damage repair is a hard fix, most techs will only repair phone and hope it stays on long enough to get data off. If phone happens to continue working after if has been ultrasonic cleaned and components replaced that were damaged then the device is good to go. If the contaminants in the water are not addressed properly they will creep up and damage other components, constant heat from the phone being turned on and whatever was left behind will continue to grow and damage phone. make sure to remove shield to clean all components on motherboard.

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