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The ZTE Lever is a black 4G LTE smart phone sold in Wal-Mart stores with no contract and unlimited data. It comes with a front and rear facing 8MP camera. It was released on December 31st of 2014.

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How do I stop the constant annoying ads

How do I stop these constant ads, even when I'm on the phone.

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Some of the phone plans carriers offer are supported by adware. These cheaper phone options get you hooked, best to return it if you can and get an adware free phone. Sadly, it will cost you more.

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No it did not answer my question. I now found ad blocker plus to see if this will take care of the problem as recommended on another site.


Adblock plus only works within the web browser. It won't stop the adware that pop's up during your phones use if you have a phone that is supported by Adware.


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