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Annoncé le 16 octobre 2014, identifiable par le numéro de modèle A1347 et EMC 2840.

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PCIe SSD on Mini Late 2014


Would like to check if a Samsung M.2 PCIe SSD (MZHPV256HDGL) might work on my Mini.

Have been told that with an adapter for the Flex Cable identified as 821-00010-A and all should work perfectly, but it doesn't!

The Mini doesn't even detects the drive! Verified thru the System Information tool, Disk Utility, etc.

Thanks in advance to the community!


Update (07/06/23)

Hello, we’re in July 2023, and despite @danj or @mayer awful comments/recommendations, my custom configuration still works like the first day 💪 💪 💪

I strongly recommend buying the specific adapter (Flex Cable identified as 821-00010-A), and any PCIe SSD with respective connector, to boost & upgrade your 2014 Mini.


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I'm trying to choose the right SSD for my Mac Mini 2014 late (originally 1TB HDD).

@guille86 are you sure that MZHPV256HDGL suitable for 821-00010-A ?

Because the adapter pins and SSD pins are different. Thanks


Hello @djanym, please read again my message, since I have mentioned another part required to make this config to work. :)

Cannot figure out how to add pictures here, but there is an adapter playing a key role between the flex cable and the flash drive: as far as I know, it is called "NGFF M.2 PCIe SSD Card as 2013 2014 2015 MacBook SSD" -I saw this adapter and this flash drive being detected successfully on a MBP of those those years; NGFF stands for Next Gen Form Factor.

Hope this helps!



Thanks Guille it works beautifully. I had the same trouble as you with the NVME 960 pro not being recognised so had to put quite a bit of pressure on it to make contact. Was worried it would break. LoL

Saved a heap doing it this way.



Hello! I'm still using mentioned configuration for almost a year, without issues of any kind -let me insist on the boost for the boot-up time & time to initiate apps continues to be awesome- ; hope my experience continues to help somebody else.




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Sounds like a great inexpensive deal that just doesn't work reliably if at all.

You'll need to stick with products that are actually built for Mac.

This model uses the same sticks as the MacBook Air late 2013. Here's what's available:

They do not have this listed for the MacMini 2014 and I don't know why not, lets see if @danj knows.

If you get the one with the external enclosure it makes transferring data and formatting easy, do not clone as you will not get the repair partition properly installed. Do a clean install then migration assistant.

You can now keep the enclosure with the old stick for a Time Machine User folder backup or sell it on eBay for a profit over what you paid for it (people get them for recovery on original sticks and they are in demand.)

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Is appears its still coming... Mac mini Late 2014 - Current, Coming Soon!

The older Apple SSD is a PCIe NVMe 2 lane the newest models use a 4 lane version. So while you can use the older x2 in the newer system you won't get the added performance of the newer x4 drive.


To add to Mayer's comments: Apple has a custom SSD which while looking like a M.2 SSD is not the same! You'll need to get the custom Apple SSD.


Hello! I have to say that there was a "layer 8" error (user-error, myself! jeje), as I just wasn't pulling enough the SSD to the adapter: once did, the machine detected successfully the new PCIe drive and now it is running as boot drive, with a time to boot around 13secs.

@mayer and @danj your responses didn't helped me at all, but I thank you for taking time to respond!

Hope this connector, adapter & drive config helps somebody else to boost Mini-2014 model.




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I strongly recommend sticking with the custom Apple SSD’s. We did some testing a while ago and we found these adapters are not that good (lots of CRC errors). You also likely are not getting the throughput you are expecting.

Here’s a good source for the correct SSD’s: The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs Or stick with either OWC or Transcend who took the time to reverse engineer the drives.

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Plenty of flex cables on AliExpress. (821-00010-A SSD PCIe flex Cable for Mac Mini A1347 2014 2015) But they don't have the correct accessory parts. Many do come with screws for some other drive and logic board removal tool.

I got Transcend JetFlash 820 480GB version. Requires MacOS High Sierra 10.13. Works fine but doesn't come with screw. JetFlash 825 version is designed for laptop user who have existing proprietary Apple SSD to put into external case.

Transcend's JetDriveToolbox software has TRIM enabler.

JetFlash is preformatted with MBR. So use Disk Utility to erase and format the devise with GPT (GUID Partition Table). Carbon Copy Cloner works great for cloning. Also fixes the recorvery partition. Or can clone for free with unix tools.

BlackMagic Disk Speed Test says write up to 620MB/sec; write about 720MB/sec.

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To do this job, sourcing the SSD screw is the hardest part and it's a custom Apple part. I got M2 x 4mm T4 flat head screw and the head is too small. So used the head off a stainless steel rivet to make the screw head bigger.

Screws for the the clamp plate are M1.4 x 2.5mm (2mm for standoff + thickness of clamp plate). I got a box of assorted small screws for eyeglasses - have philips heads. I had some 0.8 mm aluminium plate to make a custom part 16x14mm. Drill 2 x 1.5mm holes 9mm apart 2mm from the edge. Thin foam rubber pad under the plate. All done.


Transcend Jetflash working fine for nearly 2 years. See comment on original question for details.


Transcend Jetflash problem-free 5 years.


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