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Mis sur le marché en juin 2009 / Avec processeur Core 2 Duo cadencé à 2,66, 2,8 ou 3,06 GHz

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No response from the power button at all

Hi Mayer,

I now have this issue,, and steps of keys pressed for SMC -

No Response there as well.

MBP 13" 09'

recent upgrade ElCapitan

from years at 10.6.8

Thanks for possible assist @!

batt 100%

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I switched this to its own question as they were different machines and answering in the previous question would have caused confusion.


ok, I'm on 1st edition iPad, and it's difficult navigating.


Only a trial version of Kaspersky used in the past,,

And what a battle ripping that out of deep files this took hours then waste bucket had to be fooled at very moment of startup, to actually dump the waste,, let laptop fully finish start, deleting was fully blocked of any of trace files.

That's pretty brutal tactics.


This is confusing question you asked:

Did you get a full install of ElCapitan?

How can you not get full load? And actually get machine to run.

Its taken roughly 3 months to analyze just what ElCapo is and isn't.

One thing for sure -

Huge Mistake.

Remember the good old days of 05' G4,,

We actually had brushed aluminum file folders,, lol.

I still have PowerBook, and actually works, but I doubt it can get here.


Well, things really got weird in the last hour..

On assembly of bottom cover as its in my lap I started to notice heat transfer to bottom cover as the last cover screw is inserted, not because of screw just the timing of..

Removed cover, disconnected battery, install cover.

( In one of my notes, when first drafted, I made note of this heat - top side never noticed before,, right when all this no response issue started.

( Possible nightmare pending"

when all was fine the night before I wake up the next morning tap space bar to wake him up, typical start screen is loading then a quick view of where I left off flashed before my eyes I think I tried to wake him again, the scene repeated the quick flash view of night before, and that's the last time it made any response.


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Solution retenue

Open it up and disconnect the battery from the logic board. Removed the Mag-Safe adapter. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Reconnect the battery. As soon as you reconnect the mag-safe you should get a spontaneous reboot. This failing, I need a detailed history of any problems you've had with the machine. Did you get a full install of ElCapitan? Has it been working? Been getting any spinning beach balls while trying to do things? Any liquid or impact damage? Do you have a paid for anti-virus protection program running. When you press the power button do you get anything, lights sounds?

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well so much for that report,,, all presented is gone.

oh well,, maybe next time it'll warn / you hit max word point

before hitting send.

the edit window is just a sliver slot.

too difficult to see / process with iPad 1

I spent a lot of time formatting every step


I'll start with battery removal,

then report.

The V20 phone will be doing all note taking from now on.

$12K in Apple is history.

Thanks' Mayer


Comment vs Answer,

seems to be confusing.

I have exclusive to answer you directly?

Or just add to comment stack mixed in with others who add data to comment?

If I want to add image, I can only use Answer with image option..

I must be missing something not seen in limited view of phone screen.

I have screen shot pertaining to this comment,, but if loaded to answer box, disconnects it from comment..

We'll add it answer as example but will remove when problem solved

This narrow slot view is the issue mentioned using iPad earlier, at least this phone has better control if cut/paste is necessary.

I better get a laptop real quick- lol.


.(SMC) System Management Controller Reset


If battery is nonremovable:

Shut down your Mac.

.Press Shift-Control-Option on the

.Press power same time.

.Hold these keys and the power button for 10 seconds.

.Release all keys.

.Press the power button again to turn on your Mac.

.Resetting SMC doesnt change contents of NVRAM or PRAM on Intel-based Mac


.SMC is responsible for low-level functions:

.Responding to presses of the power button

.Responding to the display lid opening and closing

.Battery management

.Thermal management

.SMS (Sudden Motion Sensor)

.Ambient light sensing

.Keyboard backlighting

,Status indicator light (SIL) management

.Battery status indicator lights

.Selecting an external (instead of internal) video source for some iMac displays

Jul 28, 2017


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( *Removed the Mag-Safe adapter. Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. )

( *Reconnect the battery. )

( *As soon as you reconnect the mag-safe you should get a spontaneous reboot. )

*Test Complete - Zero Response

( w/o pressing start button )

2nd Time- test repeated -

( w/ start button applied )

Zero Response.

This concludes - Game Over

There are 10 very interesting gold plated telescopic pins on mother board - that bump contact bottom cover.. Never noticed this detail before.

Clues were odd pattern of markings on the cover from factory.

Block Image

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Had we not lost entire details of history yesterday using iPad, total joke that thing is. They are strictly readers for the web. -

It was listing full history

from10.6.8 up until3 months ago, live on the phone w/ Apple Support fixing Apple ID, that the cracked screen iPad caused, and right after they fixed it,, steered me to Apple store, and proceeded to destroy a $5K laptop of pro image ware with ElCapo.

Yep, the beachball as well, they knew all this was the plan to turn all MBP's into $30 cell phone / IPads, and a launch pad of apps to match

That view of launch pad was proof of their NWO pushing upgrades little by little, then pow.

You get cell phone grade apps only now on Pro Machine how silly.

If one wants their pro imageware back,, you may have to purchase a refurbed unit with Yosemite.


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Strangest site actions,,

If you by mistake hit back up button on browser, you lost everything using mobile device

Is this true, or am I just used to laptop where this never happens?

Here's the screenshot related to sending answer to your request...

comes up after you were sure you did the only option to use image with comment,,

Block Image

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