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Released 2016, January, identified by model number K430T. The type of display is IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and a 13-megapixel camera.

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Why is my phone super slow

my phone is running slow and also exiting anything I'll be on or using and the keyboard can't even remotely keep up with typing. And how do I fix it

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Download, install and run the following 2 apps. Do one at a time obviously.

The first will check for malware on your phone while the second checks for viruses.

Once you have run both and cleared any problems brought up by the apps and you are still having the problem, I suggest that you back up the phone using the phone's backup feature and then perform a factory restore of the phone.

Be aware that a factory restore (or reset) will restore the phone to it's default condition. It will be like when you first bought it. It will erase all your data and downloaded apps. , that is why it is important to do a backup first.

Once the reset has been completed see how the phone behaves. If it now acting normally perhaps a downloaded app may be the cause of the problem.

Restore the phone from the backup you made earlier using the phone's restore feature. Once the restore has been completed check how the phone behaves. If it is still behaving normally then the reset has fixed the problem. If it is again acting sluggishly a downloaded app is the problem The trick is to find out which one. You will have to uninstall each downloaded app one by one and test the phone between each uninstallation to see if the problem has been resolved and which app was the cause of the problem.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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I hope this work and


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no changes... the same less speed on 4G connection...

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