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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact sorti en septembre 2014.

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Antenna Board REplacement for D5803

Dear Comunity,

I am having the exact same issues described in No Service at all thread for the regular z3. The suggested solution is to replace the antenna board.

I cannot, however, find said article for my version of the phone and am a bit lost as to what I can do. The two phones probably do not have the same hardware, right?! Do you think it would be a possible solution to try and only exchange the antenna cable? This one can be found for the d5803.


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@alb3rt you are right, there isn't one. You can try to replace the cable first. Sony does no longer have any schematics available for their phones. Here is the recommendations according to the service manual for No or bad network. Use these guides Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Repair to work on your phone.

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@oldturkey03 ok, thanks for the helpful comment. I'll try replacing the cable first then. might come back here with further questions though.



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