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La Magic Mouse est une souris multi-touch fabriquée et vendue par Apple. Elle a été annoncée et vendue pour la première fois le 20 Octobre 2009.

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Magic Mouse battery contact is loose

Hi guys,

I have a sweet Magic Mouse (1st gen) but since a week i have a dropping connection. Upon inspection of the mouse i discovered that one of the contacts IN the Magic Mouse is actually loose: i can press it inwards and it even feels like there's a spring behind it to keep in in it's place. But the other one (on the left) is sturdy and i cant push that backwards (to the inside).

I think it's just broken somehow, but is there any way to fix it? I googled for an hour, but no results (also pretty hard to accurately search on this issue).

This is how they look like normally:

This is how the battery contact looks like when i press it, really gently even! As you can see, the bottom presses inwards, compared to the contact on the left that doesnt move when i press it.

Does anyone have any idea if this is fixable and how?

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Did you review the IFIXIT teardown?

There you'll see the other side:

Block Image

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Thanks! Yeah i saw that, but i didn't find a fix and that teardown didn't make me more confident of opening the thing up, with all that glue.


If you look carefully you'll see the contacts are independent of each other. One rests against the PCB on the right and the other rests against the on/off switch. It appears there is a difference of depth the spring contacts can travel. If you not the contact its self is loose the plastic weld which holds it may have snapped on the back side.

Apple does not offer any parts for their mouse's or trackpads.


Ok so that would explain exactly what i see. Thanks a bunch! My keyboard started to show the same behaviour, as well as a bluetooth audio device. So it might not be the mouse. Thanks again for the information!


When you open the battery cover you find the + contacts withdraw into the frame, when you open the mouse up the + contacts have broken away from the feeble plastic mounts inside and have been pushed too far away from the post on the battery (less than 1 mm.). This is more pronounced on an older rechargeable battery with the plastic negative case lining swelling and fattening through use. Quick dodgy fix , roll a small loose ball of aluminum foil (5mm) and gently squash it into both + holes to extend the contact area. I haven't fixed the two ones I have pulled apart yet but I'm thinking, hold the contact plates back where they should be with a needle then hot glue the be-jeesus out of em. The left side doesn't push back so far as it hits a block but the right side has nothing behind it and just keeps bending.


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