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Released September 2016, the Vivo 5R represents the sixth generation of the Vivo series and an update to the Vivo 5.

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How can I repair charger

How can I repair the charging female part on the Blu vivio 5r?

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What specifically is wrong with it? Not charging? Visibly broken and needs a new port?


The charging port is moving and has to be in a slightly upward angle for the changing to take place so I was wondering what I can do to fix the issue


You need to fix the charging port or replace a new one. It needs a solder so you'd better send it to a repair shop.


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@bedanngugi difficulty with your off-brand phone is finding instructions on how to tear it down,.the charging port is soldered to a separate sub-board.

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You would have to desolder it and replace it or replace subboard WBL7519 completely. The port is available at places like this

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Ok when considering upgrading to a new phone which phones are built well but are also easy to repair


where can I buy this piece?


mario lopez do a search for the subboard WBL7519


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