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Gigabyte P34W-V3 Backlight Wont Turn On


My Gigabyte P34w-V3 laptop will not power the back light, I have replaced the LCD screen (inverter board inbuilt) and the back light will still not turn on. If i press the hotkey to switch the screen on it flashes for a very short moment but remains off, if a light is shone on the screen the display can be seen.

The display also works via the HDMI out on an external monitor

Any ideas why my back-light won't remain on?


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Hi Adrian,

I am having the exact same problem as you with the same laptop, although I have not replaced the screen yet. If a screen replacement doesn't fix it, it must be a bad cable or connector. The back cover of my screen broke off from the bezel in the bottom right corner causing my screen to bend every time I open and close it. That could have caused my problem over time. Can you let me know if replacing the cable fixes yours?


I have the same problem :(. How did you fix your laptop?



I have the same problem change display with new one, but still not working. When I press power button for a second backlight is on and then turn off.

Anyone have solution for this problem?

Thanks to everyone who helps.


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Hi @damico16 ,

Don't know your laptop but with most laptops the backlight power is controlled by a magnetic lid switch. i.e. the backlight power is removed when the lid is closed. It is usually located down below the screen either on the left or right side

It can either be a magnet in the lid and the switch in the case or vise versa.

The power for the backlight can either be directly switched through the switch contacts or the switch contacts can "inform" the system to software turn on or off the backlight power supply.

The backlight power supply to the screen can either be a separate cable to the LCD screen or can be incorporated in the LCD video cable.

Hopefully this is something for you to be going on with

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thanks for you reply mate

the magnet isn't causing it, ive located that and placed a magnet on the area and the LCD does infact turn off (can vaguely see under a torch)

very difficult laptop setup as its an ultra-slim book

I guess I will have to try to replace the LCD screen cable

My battery did swell a few months ago that may have caused a shortage somewhere,

thanks again mate


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