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Released May 1, 2012. The first backlit eReader tablet emits a soft backlight for improved night reading. The device is simple to open up, but the components are all connected.

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Do you know where can I get this Display?

I have an old versión of the nook , but my screen just stop working so i wanted to fix it, my problem Is that i dont know where can i get the ink display. I looked at the pbc boars and it says its the version 1.06, i wanted to add a pic but dont know how to

If you know something about it Let me know, thanks for the help

Actualización (01/11/17)

Block Image

this Is my PCB AND the display i have

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Check Ebay.

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@avanteguarde thanks for the response. Unfortunately, not getting any useful hits on ebay for this particular display. Is it possible they are simply not manufactured anymore?


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