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The Western Digital My Passport Ultra is a USB 3.0 portable storage device with capacities from 500 GB up to 5 TB.

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Why is it crashing my windows?

So i have been using WD products for years ,and i never had this issue. one day i plugged it in and it popped up to unlock it. I unlocked it, and it crashed my File explorer and desktop, tried a different computer and same thing. i can't access it and i have alot of stuff on it. Is there a simple way to fix it? I have alot of family photos of dead relatives that are saved on it and they are the only copies i can't lose them

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Find a friend with a Mac, Linux or Chromebook and try to attach to one of those systems. If it works on one of those, you can use such a system to backup your files to another jump drive or burn to DVD or something like that. The "unlocking" part worries me though. I suspect you are using some sort of WD encryption utility that stores everything encrypted which may prevent non windows systems from reading the content easily. If that is the case you may have to resort to a data recovery service with experience with the WD encryption schemes.

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What recovery service can i use?


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