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Repair guides and information for the HP 250 G3, a budget laptop released by HP in 2014.

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Why is my laptop bootlooping

When I turn the system on, it tries to boot but won't pass the hp welcome logo, it restarts again and repeats the process all over again. Am a newbie. Does anyone have a clue on how I can handle this?

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Any notable events leading up to this?


(spills drops etc)


Not at all, it was okay at last use. Going back to it the next day. Discovered the issue.


when you turn it on start spamming F11 or F12 if neither work do the same with ESC. can you tell me what comes up with ESC first Though?


F11 take me to system recovery


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Hi @skan ,

The windows startup files and the WRE (windows recovery environment) in your computer may be corrupted

Try booting the laptop from a Win 10 USB recovery disc.

You can create the USB recovery drive from any known working Win 10 computer (go to Control Panel > Recovery) It takes about 40 minutes to create the USB and you'll need a min 4GB USB flashdrive (- 8GB to be sure)

When you have the USB drive start the laptop and either get into BIOS and change the boot order to USB as first choice, or press F10 to change the option to show USB as first boot option.

Plug in the USB recovery drive and restart the laptop. If it doesn't want to boot from the USB drive, go back into BIOS and find the option to disable secure boot and enable legacy support (scroll down to find this option), then start the laptop again and see if it boots OK from the flashdrive.

Once in the WRE select Troubleshooting > Advanced > Startup Repair. DO NOT select Reset this PC as this will reinstall Windows and will erase all your data

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