Only boots with bypass SMC


Thanks for everybody who read me. (sorry for my poor English)

For first I´m going to describe and to tell what I have do.

-The MacBook Pro only boots when I make a bypass of the SMC (presing 10 seconds whitout the magesafe and ....).

When it boot by the bypass the fans makes lot of noise and the leds of keyboard are of and it dndn´t recognoise the battery.

The led of magsafe its dim green. Never orange.

I have read 20 hours of forums videos... and I make:

-SMC reset (obviursly it didn´t work).

-Disamble all the MacBook and only boot with the screen and keyboard to press the power buttom. (works with bypass)

-The battery it's died a year ago...

BUT when I left a week the MBP and put all the compponents and conect the magsafe green led it isn´t dim, it's perfect green and the system boots perfect whitout bypass.

I have test the fuses but I didn´t know what I need to know if it's correct.

¿Some one can help me please?

I can upload photos and everything than can help.

Thanks a lot

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Block Image

image of the test

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Block Image

the image of dim

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Hi Sergio,

Can you tell us what happens when it doesn't boot? You press the power button and nothing happens? Or something else?


If I press the power button nothing... didn´t power on.

Only when I press 10 second the power button with the magsafe disconected and conect the magesafe and continuing 10 second pressing the power button the macbook power on but with the fans at 100% and the light of keyboard off.

It can be because I bypass the smc.


when I conect only de dc board (whitout the motherboard)and magsafe it only get a dim green light.

it's normal?



Hello I have cheked the voltage on one of the two power pads near the logic board keyboard connector and I read 3,3V.

This is the problem I think.

How can I found the fuse?

thnsk yo everybody


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