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Why is my 2011 chrysler 200 heater blowing warm on one vent?

2011 chrysler 200 my heater is only blowing warm out of the drivers vent only. The rest are blowing cold. it is Not dual climate, it is a single climate control. the defrost, floor well all of it blows cold but drivers vent . when it runs warm then it blows a lil bit warmer. I'm freezing in my car. Any ideas?

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I changed the two actuators on my Chrysler 200 and still have heat on drivers side and cold on passenger side. What else do I need to do?


We had our 2011 Chrysler taken apart at the shop last year to fix this issue . . . still does the same thing. Blows hot on driver’s side but cold on passenger. It does warm up slightly after a bit. I noticed that the water temperature gage dial stays between C and midway (at 8:00 position) except when it idles for more than 20 minutes sitting in the drive. Then, the heater works great. Almost as soon as we take off, the gage goes back to the 8:00 position and the air on the passenger side is cold again. What the heck? Please, somebody figure this out. Forum posts indicate this is a default situation on this vehicle across the board.


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Be certain it isn't a mouse nest. 2 different cars and 2 motorcycles have been my victims.

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