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Souder consiste à relier deux pièces de métal en faisant fondre un troisième métal d'apport entre elles. Il existe plusieurs méthodes de soudage, cet article a pour but de vous enseigner les bases du soudage électrique.

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A inexpensive microscope for soldering

I am not ready to spend over $500 on a microscope right now. I was looking at one for $200. For board level repairs, rebelling ic chips, what magnification power does my microscope need to have at the minimum . The microscope I was looking at goes up to 20x. Is that enough or do I need something more powerful.

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Does anybody have experience with the "High Cloud" Aliexpress scopes? . They look fit for purpose and they have good reviews, but how good are they really?

Louis Rossmann recently started recommending another scope over the Amscope, but I can't remember just which one it was.


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I think this article has some useful tips, Conseils sur la façon de micro-souder avec un budget

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The AmScope SM-4NTP is a popular model within the repair community. These are good quality scopes at affordable prices. You can also look on Craigslist/Kijiji/FB Market to see if anyone is selling a used scope locally.

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