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Guide de réparation et support pour les ordinateurs de bureau produits par Lenovo.

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How can I recover my data if my computer is Preparing Automatic Repair

My computer fell down. The desktop is Lenovo core i3. It contained all of my family's most precious pictures. I am very scared. I want all of those files to recover. When I turn on the computer, it says 'preparing automatic repair', and then the screen goes black. All help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

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You said the computer fell down? What height.


Not much height. It dropped from my hands because I stumbled over some loose carpet


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I would advise you to open up your PC (make sure your PC isn't plugged in the wall when disconnected hold power button for 10 seconds to drain power from PC) by removing two screws who hold the side panel (remove both side panels) of the computer and remove hard drive( first unplug the SATA cable "smaller cable " and then remove the other plug from the disc. Then you undo 4 screws two on both sides) . When HDD is removed put it in another working system (you put the disc it the PC as you put it out just take the SATA cable from the other PC and don't forget to connect SATA cable to Motherboard and bigger plug to the disc(SATA power cable)) . Then go to the boot menu by clicking Tab or F11 on your keyboard when PC is starting. When in boot menu select the HDD that has been in this PC (working HDD). When done with this boot up your PC it should boot like it did before. When in windows go to the File explorer and on the left side select "This PC". You should see two discs. One labeled C and other labeled something else in most cases D or E. If there isn't second disc (if you did all of the above correct) in there it's dead and can't be saved. If you see the disc you connected to the PC you find your files and save them to the Google drive so you don't lose them again.

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Hello @jayeff

OP said it's a desktop not a laptop. And you are right I speculated if it's a SSD or HDD. I still think the PC doesn't contain a SSD because of the CPU OP mentioned it has.


Hi @ulees ,

Apologies. I misread it.

I'm old and its getting late here.


I understand I was up late last night to answering these kind of posts any I had to fix more mistakes like spelling. (I'm from EU


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