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Valve Steam Controller, released November 10th 2015. Model 1001.

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My left trigger is broken. Can I fix it?

As I was playing, the left trigger of my steam controller stopped working. Actually when I press it the action is the same as the left bumper. Then I realised that there is a weird noise when I shake the controlller and I think a piece inside is broken. I am not sure the warranty would work for this case. Should I try to open the controller and fix it?

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absolutely, easy peezy if u can focus like Yoda, So yah take it apart, and then take a measureing tape, and cut off a 2 inch piece, do a few folds on it untill its shaped like a Z with a 90* bend halfway up the Z, i cant refplicate it in text but I fix my two controllers no matter what happens to em *sofar* they are my favorite controller and I won't let them fall to pieces so easily, Theres a Rad video on uTube showing the measuring tape cut, bend, Bless the people for their high karma, consuming their time to show others ways of the force. Check out the video and next time u think somethings trash, keep it for a few months, and always, Stay energized!


I just ordered three sets of left an right trigger mounts to be 3D printed in ABS to replace these parts. In the mean time while I wait for these to print, I've resolved to trying to HOT GLUE the remaining tab to the left bumper.

It seems to be working, I just tested my Steam Controller via my Steam Link, Everything is working until the new parts arrive.

Also, if you need a new thumb stick aparatus to solder on to the board, you need to look for a RKJXV122400R from ALPS. Apparently the old ones arent made anymore. Mouser has them, I order 4 for my two controllers since one got dropped and just locks at every extreme.


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Hi @chiheb ,

If it is still under warranty I suggest that you contact Steam about your problem and see if they can assist you in any way. Remind them that it is under warranty.

You do not want to open the controller to repair it if it is still under warranty as this will void the warranty

If Steam do not acknowledge that it is a warranty repair hopefully they still might provide the replacement part (presumably at your expense) so that you can fix it, as there doesn't seem to be any other suppliers of parts online.

If you do have to repair it yourself, and you can get the replacement part, here is the ifixit Steam Controller Teardown guide which may be of some help.

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Thanks @jayeff !

I have to check the warranty. I bought the controlled around 1 year ago. I already noticed the teardown which looks very useful. I also found this webpage with a model to print your own bumper: This could be useful if this part is broken.


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