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The Propel Gyro-X is a RC helicopter equipped with dual rotors and a built in gyro stabilizer. It was manufactured by Propel in the year 2014. Possible model colors are red and green plastic covers, with a black body.

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parts of the remote controller, transmitter/receiver ,how to fix it.

How should I troubleshoot problems. What to look for(parts) inside of the controller and the vehicle. For R/C toys in general. Begginers advice.

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General advice.

Most problems arise from either power issues, switch issues, wiring issues, component failure and user error.

With power issues, verify that the power supply, (the battery which is usually the case) is fully charged and connected properly. Use a Volt meter to verify if in doubt. Prove that the power is reaching the board (if not directly connected or even if it is- going via a switch etc)

With switch issues, because certain switches get used a lot (e.g. on/off) depending on their type can mean either loss of contact material due to wear (soft keys or button) or loss of contact pressure. Use an Ohmmeter to verify continuity of the switch contacts. Always use an Ohmmeter with the power disconnected from the device.

Wiring issues including soldering of wires and components on pcb. Check for dry solder joints, (use a magnifying glass if you have to) as these mean effectively an o/c (open circuit) in the electrical path.

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Component failure, check for the obvious first. Burnt out or loose components. If they are burnt out there will be a reason for this and that will have to be investigated before the part is replaced

If something doesn't work e.g. a motor, use an Ohmmeter to trace the path on how it operates. Check for o/c (or s/c -short circuit) components etc. This will be the most difficult part because mostly there is no circuit diagram available (check online you may be lucky) to make it easier. Welcome to the wonderful world of fault diagnosis in an electronic circuit without the aid of a circuit diagram ;-)

Be careful how you handle the device when it has been opened for testing. You don't want to create more problems than what you already have by rough handling or the incorrect use of tools and test equipment. If you can disconnect the power before you start testing as this removes one huge potential problem if you slip whilst using test leads or tools. Obviously if you need to test the power circuits then the power needs to be on. Focus on what you are doing

User error - read the user guide. Know about the device that you are using, don't assume how it functions.

A DMM (Digital MultiMeter) is an invaluable tool to help solve a lot of problems. As it says it is a multi meter containing Voltmeter (AC and DC), Ammeter (AC and DC) and an Ohmmeter plus other functions (depending on price).

They can be purchased from most larger hardware stores for a little as $10-$15. These are good enough for what you need to use them for. Again read the user guide to know how to use it

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