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The BLU Vivo 5 is an Android smartphone produced by BLU, an American consumer electronics company. The 5 was produced through a partnership between BLU and Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd., a Chinese technology company. The BLU Vivo 5 was released in February 2016.

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Why is my alarm going off late?

Since my phone updated around January 19, 2018, my alarm has gone off 4 minutes late on more than one occasion. This would not be a big deal except that it is unpredictable and affects my "get up for work" alarm throwing my whole morning routine into chaos. I have checked to make sure that the proper time was set -which it was. (By the way, the way alarms are set in the new version of Android is obnoxious).

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Hi @mimamu ,

What setting have you selected in Settings > date and time?

Automatic date and time or are you setting it manually on Set time?


I think automatic date and time. I don't recall changing it manually.


Hi @mimamu ,

Does it keep the correct time normally?

You said that it was late on more than one occasion not on "every" occasion.

Wondering if perhaps you should disable automatic date and time and automatic time zone and set the time/date/zone manually and see how it performs.

Perhaps the time signal from your provider is somehow glitching the time.

Only way to find out is to disable it and see.


It does keep the correct time normally. I will try disabling the automatic date and time and setting it manually.

Thanks for the suggestion!


Same problem since January update. I have tried with automatic date and time set to on and set to off. Doesn't make any difference. Alarm goes off 4, 9 or 14 minutes late. Any other recommendations


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Are you running apps that could heavily delay your alarm? There are apps that could slow down your phone enough to be unresponsive to things you set it to do. This could not be your phone's problem but more of a possible culprit app. Check which apps are running and using high RAM while your phone is idle. Apps could include facebook and snapchat. If this does not work see if there is a update for the phone itself as there could be a software issue with missing files or packets that could be fixed with an update. If all fails just download a free alarm app or (unrecommened) factory reset your device. If your phone is under warrenty, call BLU support and do not email them to see if they have a solution to your issue.

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