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Was my iPhone 6s replacement display assembly bad?

I installed a new battery and a new display assembly on my son's phone last night. I've done this type of repair numerous times over the year and without issue. But last night was the worst experience yet. I did everything textbook. But when I got the phone back together, it wouldn't turn on. I didn't know if it was the battery or the display. So I charged it for a little bit and still nothing. So, took the display off and put the old broken one back on, and I could see that it was on, and that the battery was at 4%. So I deduced that something wasn't right with the display. So, I took it off and on several times and somehow it started working! However the upper left hand corner was sort of dark. My son told me it was fine, so I didn't worry about it (though I was disappointed). The phone was behaving somewhat sluggish so I restarted it. It never came back on. So I took it apart again, checked everything and it seemed fine. But in messing with the display cables so many times, I ended up ripping one of them and ruined it. I'm so upside down on this phone now its not even funny and very discouraged. I guess my question (not that it matters now) was do you think the display was bad? Thank you!

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Also, the old screen did work but was unusable. The trouble is, I messed with this so many times that I can't remember what happened and when. It was very frustrating.


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Hopefully you just need to get another display as the main one is faulty, but judging the amount of times you tried to get it working with the replacement screen the backlight circuit may have gone bad on the phone.

Does the old screen still work on the phone at least? If yes, the screen needs to be replaced again.

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You know what... I just remembered that after I replaced the battery and put the new screen on, the screen wouldn't turn on at all so I couldn't tell if it was on or off. When I tried to connect the very top display cable of the three, I saw a little puff of smoke. So I disconnected the battery and installed it. However, the display came on and the phone worked... but once I rebooted it, it was dead. Well, I actually didn't know if it was rebooted because the screen was black. I couldn't get any "pressure tracers". So perhaps the backlight circuit got smoked after all?

I guess if I were to advise anything, it would be to disconnect the battery from the logic board before installing the screen. I went back and forth doing things so many times that I might have forgotten to disconnect it again during the process.


Backlight filters blown. Take your phone to someone that does microsoldering to get the backlight filter replaced.

They get blown when you plug or unplug the screen with the battery plugged in.


Thanks Ben, that sounds like a pretty legit answer! There is a phone repair shop near me so I'll ask them if they can do it.


No problem, when you get that puff of smoke near the screen connector it's game over for the backlight circuit.


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